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Through CSI's Certification Program, you can develop a conceptual understanding of the entire construction process, and concrete skills in:

Construction documentation, development and administration, Specification writing and enforcement, Product research and sourcing, Comunications with the design and contracting teams

Registration is now open

We at the CSI Cincinnati website staff would like to know what’s going on with our membership. If you have any information to share such as promotions, awards, change in company, educational advancements or even personal information such as marriages, new babies, or other non job related recognitions and awards, we would like to hear about it.


Dave Proudfit, 

Website Editor

(513) 984-4186


The mission of CSI is to advance building information management and education of project teams to improve facility performance.
The Cincinnati Chapter is in its sixth decade of serving the local construction community. Our membership is made up of architects, engineers, interior designers, facilities managers, contractors, product manufacturers and representatives, and others involved in the construction industry.

Membership meetings generally occur on the Second Wednesday of the month.

November Event Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

EduCon Fall 2017 - Interiors

EduCon combines educational opportunities with practical, real-world, product and service solutions for your business success. This event is expressly for the institutional, industrial and commercial building industry.  Designers, builders, specifiers, engineers, building operators… THIS IS YOUR EVENT!...Read More, register, and pay online. Registration is now open!

Where else can you get 4 AIA/HSW and 0.4 IDCEC credits, a product Expo, a Montgomery Inn Luncheon Buffet, and networknig with you peers all for the low price of $25!

(free for CSI Cincinnati Members)

Attending all 4 seminars at this Event Earns

4 AIA LU/HSW Credits and 0.4 IDCEC CE Credits

News and Views

Cincinnati Construction News... Read More>>  
Hamilton County Wants Library Board to answer for "Disturbing" North Building Process
15 SEP 17

Who will Decide the Fate of Main Library's North Building?

06 SEP 17

OTR office project tops off, secures needed city property

21 JUL 17

Commissioner: The Banks needs a ‘fresh set of eyes’

20 JUL 17
2017 CSI Honors & Award Winners 01 JUL17

The Constructions Specifications Institute (CSI) is thrilled to announce that 17 individuals and 10 chapters will be honored at CONSTRUCT 2017 & The CSI Annual Convention in Providence, RI. The CSI Honors & Awards Ceremony  will take place Thursday, September 14 at 6 PM...Read More>>

Young Professionals Day at CONSTRUCT 2017 and the CSI Annual Convention 25 JUL 17

Three years ago, I saw a need and an opportunity at CONSTRUCT. Why not set up a day at the show especially designed for young professionals? This day would be specifically created to help equip them with the tools to find the training, mentorship, and education they need for the accelerated advancement many of them will experience in the coming years...Read More>>

Yocums' Law by Thomas R. Yocum, Esq., CSI 21 JUL 17

Insurance and Waiver of Subrogation - Subrogation is the right of one who has paid for a loss sustained by another to recover reimbursement from a third party who is legally responsible for damages.  Subrogation typically arises where an insurance company has paid a “first party loss”, i.e. payments to its own insured; then, the insurance company seeks reimbursement from a third party who is legally liable for the damages, typically, based upon a negligence cause of more >>

Format of the Month - GreenFormat™ 26 SEP 17

CSI's GreenFormat™ is a standardized structure for organizing sustainable information elements associated with materials, products, systems and technologies used in the built environment. By using this standardized format, manufacturers can accurately identify key product characteristics and provide designers, constructors, and building operators with information needed to help meet sustainable requirements. more>>

Specific Thoughts by Sheldon Wolfe, RA, FCSI, CCS CCCA 21 JUL 17

Just another day - senseless submittals - A couple of days ago, I received four emails from the same manufacturer's rep, containing a total of twenty-two images of new finish colors. Combined file size: Twenty-two meg. This isn’t unusual. Almost daily, reps send us emails with huge attachments. I understand the desire to make the email attract attention, but only a little effort will accomplish that goal. A few carefully selected images should do the more>>

Constructive Thoughts by Sheldon Wolfe, RA, FCSI, CCS CCCA 01 MAY 17

Small Brush with Fame - Awards season is over, but there may be more to awards than presenting them. This is one of my favorite stories for a number of reasons. As noted, the Ben John Small award is presented infrequently; I got to meet one of Ben John Small's sons, who was Secretary of the Smithsonian at the time; I got to see the inside of the Smithsonian; and the bonnet story is amazing. .read more>>

CSI Certification Exam 14 MAR 17

Registration for the Spring 2017 Certification exams closed on March 14, 2017. Registration for the the Fall Certification exams begins on June 26, 2017. CSI is the construction community's authority on communication and construction documentation. Through CSI's Certification Program, you can develop a conceptual understanding of the entire construction more>>

MasterFormat:  The Lighter Side by Gary Beimers, FCSI, CDT 04 MAR 17

A humorous look at more>>

The CSI Practice Guides

04 MAR 17

Practice Guides serve as a major part of the curated knowledge CSI has to offer professionals. Currently developed as a series of larger publications/text books, the Practice Guides also serve as the core knowledge for the certification program. The CSI Practice Guides are a library of comprehensive references specifically and carefully designed for the construction professional. Each book examines important concepts and best practices integral to a particular aspect of the construction process. more >>

Monthly Program Location

The Original Montgomery Inn
9440 Montgomery Rd.
Montgomery, OH 45242
Phone: 513.791.3482

Click here for directions to the Original Montgomery Inn

There is minimal parking behind Montgomery Inn.  Free public parking is available across the street west of Montgomery Road off of Shelly Lane.  Click here for a map.

Monthly Program: Second Wednesday of the Month

  Lunch Programs: 11:30 AM
  Dinner Programs: 6:30 PM

Times and locations may vary.  Go to the Program Page for exact times and locations.


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