Student Scholarships

We congratulate our 2020 student scholarship winners and the fine work our students have accomplished. We awarded $1000.00 scholarships to three deserving students at the University of Cincinnati, College of Engineering and Applied Science.  This annual scholarship event gives CSI the opportunity to invest in our future leaders of the design/construction community.  We wish our recipients well in their future careers in the Construction Industry and again congratulations!

Kassidy Buschor
University of Cincinnati, College of Engineering and Applied Science Bachelor of Science - Civil Engineering, Class of 2021

Thank you so much for the exciting notification!! I am still beyond excited that I was selected as a CSI Cincinnati Chapter scholarship recipient! I am very thankful!  I hope you are staying safe and healthy. Again, I appreciate the time and effort that goes behind the scenes in this scholarship process. I am blessed to have receive one!  I will be sure to reach out to you when I attend one of the CSI Cincinnati Chapter meetings in the near future.

Molly Denton
University of Cincinnati, College of Engineering and Applied Science Bachelor of Science - Architectural Engineering, Class of 2022

Thank you so much. I am so honored to have been selected. I saw on the website that my colleagues Kassidy and Michael also won. I know both of these students and I really look up to them as mentors, so it means so much to stand alongside them as recipients.  Please extend my thanks to the selection committee. This award means so much to me and my family.

Michael Salzler
University of Cincinnati, College of Engineering and Applied Science - Bachelor of Science - Construction Management, Class of 2021

Nathan and CSI Cincinnati, Thank you so much! I appreciate your call yesterday. I really hope we can get together for a meeting in the near future because I would love to meet you!



The Cincinnati Chapter of The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) offers scholarships as an extension of CSI’s mission, "to advance building information and management and to educate project teams to improve facility performance". Our goal is to reward selected candidates for academic achievements and efforts while actively pursuing a degree in relation to architecture, construction management, and construction engineering disciplines.  CSI Cincinnati selects local schools to participate in the scholarship program based off curriculum that correlates with CSI’s mission for construction communication and information. The scholarships are coordinated by the chapter's Academic Programs Committee, the same committee that is available to assist the local universities and colleges with CSI programs and learning materials or to help create CSI Student Chapters.

CSI Cincinnati appreciates the commitment to education in the design/construction field of study as well as advancing construction disciplines and encouraging professionalism. Please contact our Academic Programs chair, Nathan Schneider, with any questions regarding our scholarship program or to receive an application for our next scholarship opportunity.